You are more than welcome to meet the dogs at my home or at the show ring, and if  you are interested then please email me at

Please my time is as valuable as yours so if you show up late to an appointment I cannot guarantee that I will be here as I am a busy person.

If your are inerested in a puppy please fill out the application below.


Puppy Application


Jane Mitchell

Orangeville, ON

519 216 7347

Dolly and Blade will be having puppies in mid December 2018.  Blade is fully Heath tested and clear for everything just like Dolly.  Blade is a puppy from my Phoebe x Vamp litter.  Pictures and health testing to be posted later this week.   If you are interested in the breeding please fill out the puppy application listed below.  Fingers crossed for a big healthy litter!  Puppies will arrive just before Christmas!

puppy application

Planned breeding will be a repeat for Vamp x Phoebe.  This previous breeding has resulted in come wonderful puppies so a repeat will be happening Spring 2019.